Global Game Jam 2011 in the books

Posted: 4th February 2011 by dawggeek84 in Uncategorized

This years global game jam has come to a close. This year we tried something different. All the GGDA Chapters got together in one central location, SPSU. This allowed schools to work together in order to produce games. Team Nostalgia (as we came to call ourselves), consisted of 5 Engineers from UGA, 4 Artists from SCAD, and 1 Sound Engineer from UGA. We produced the game: Super Mega Turbo X64 Box. You can play the game below. It does require the Unity Web Player if you don’t already have it.

For those who don’t know what the Global Game Jam is, it is essentially a 48 hour contest to write games based on a theme. This year’s theme was extinction and produced some very creative ideas.

team photo

Team Nostalgia Posing

Play the Game

  1. Bryan Higa says:

    Hooray for a completed game! :)