Lab 1 for Walker Boy Studio Unity Class

Posted: 10th February 2011 by dawggeek84 in Uncategorized

Brandon Treadway

Timeframe: 2/8-10/2011

Project Detail:

I went through the video tutorials and build the point and click game.  I added features after the videos for a countdown on the circle as well as a blink effect. I also added movement to the cube objects. In order to win you must score 30 points in 30 seconds. The circles are worth 2 points and the Squares are worth 1 point.

The game was written with Untiy 3

Time Breakdown:

Research: 30 Mins

Art: 30 Mins

Design: 30 Mins

Coding: 6 Hours

Play Testing: 1 Hour

  1. Great job on the first Lab!

  2. Timo says:

    Nice result.
    Could you help me with some of the On Your Own tasks?
    If you have time, it would be nice if you can send me a mail. Thanks.