Lab 2 for Walker Boy Studio Unity Class

Posted: 20th April 2011 by dawggeek84 in Uncategorized

Brandon Treadway

Timeframe: 4/16-20/2011

Project Detail:

I went through the video tutorials and built the space shooter game.  I added features after the videos for a score multiplier, double shot, power up, and extra life. The max number of lives is 4. If you win, the shields remaining and the number of lives are added together to form a score multiplier. There are also 3 difficulty settings. Survive the full 60 seconds to win.

The game was written with Untiy 3

Time Breakdown:

Research: 45 Mins

Art: 30 Mins

Design: 45 Mins

Coding: 8 Hours

Play Testing: 1 Hour