Lab 3 for Walker Boy Studio Unity Class

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Brandon Treadway

Timeframe: 4/21-27/2011

Project Detail:

This Lab was done in 3 major sections. Each Section is broken down below:

SECTION 1 – Unity Editor

This project was to design some tools for some handy features in Unity. It creates a Menu Item and Shortcut key.  The first option is to create default folders in the project. My folder structure is listed below:

  • Assets/Audio
  • Assets/Font
  • Assets/Materials
  • Assets/Meshes
  • Assets/Models
  • Assets/Prefabs
  • Assets/Packages
  • Assets/Physics
  • Assets/Resources
  • Assets/Textures
  • Assets/Scenes
  • Assets/Scripts
  • Assets/Shaders

The second feature will take all the objects selected in the scene hierarchy and make prefabs for each of them. The third feature is an extra credit feature that will create a material from a selected texture in the project view. The last feature is one for me. When unity creates or renames a C# file (I code in C#), it doesn’t change the name of the class. You then get errors of file name not matching the class name. My final tool will fix that for all selected CS files.

Click here to download the package


SECTION 2 – Sprite Sheet

This section of the lab we developed a sprite sheet. Below is the result of the project using my sprite sheet that I made. To get the final sprite animation to work use the ‘D’ Key.


SECTION 3 – Timer

This section we developed a timer system. The controls are the number characters 0-9 and the letter ‘T’. Below is the resulting scene.


The lab was written with Untiy 3

Time Breakdown:

Research: 2 Hours

Art: 30 Mins

Design: 45 Mins

Coding: 10 Hours

Play Testing: 1 Hour